The summary of the legal support for journalists during the second week of March
March 17th, 2017


"Journalists against torture" observatory continues following up the hearings of the cases related the freedom of media and press through this summary of legal support during the week by the law committee team in the observatory inside courtrooms and police stations that works as a supporting shelter to journalists and the media freedoms seeking for a free independent space for work.

this report includes the summary of the hearings that the law committee of the observatory during 11 March to 16 March, there were only 2  judicial hearings, here they are:

-The investigation hearing with the two journalists "Khaled Ammar" and "Ramadan Ahmed" at the office of the attorney general for being accused of "publishing wrong news".

-The investigation hearing with "Khaled Ammar" ,a journalist in "Alwafd", and the executive editor in chief of the newspaper for insulting sheikh "Mezo" and publishing wrong news about him.

Wednesday 15th March

* The Cairo appeal prosecution ,held in the headquarter of the attorney general in "Elrehab", decided releasing all of "Khaled Ammar" ,a journalist in the judicial department in "elwafad" newspaper, and "Ramadan Ahmed" ,the head of the judicial department in "Roz Al-Youssef" with financial guarantee for both of them severally of 1000 pounds, for being accused of publishing wrong news.

Thursday 16th March

The prosecution of Dokii decided releasing all of "Khaled Ammar" ,a journalist in "Elwafd", and "Wagdy Zien Eldien" ,the executive editor in chief of the same newspaper, with the warranty of their IDs after being investigated for being accused of insulting and publishing wrong news about "Mohamed Abdallah Nasr" known by Sheikh "Mezo".