62 violations against journalists was the start of 2017 during January
February 5th, 2017


"journalists against torture" observatory has monitored 62 violations against journalists while they were doing their job or because of their job.

Violations distributed according to the degree of documentation

The journalists against torture observatory has monitored 62 violations against torture while they were doing their job or because of their press job during January 2016, the observatory has documented 46 violations directly and 16 violations were documented indirectly.


Violations distributed according to its type

22 preventing from press coverage violations, 7 of verbal assault by insulting or threat violations, 7 violations of accusing by making reports to the prosecution, 5 violations of imposing financial fines, 5 violations of arresting and accusing, 4 violations of beating or wounding assault, 4 violations of damaging or burning press equipment, 3 imprisonment sentences, 2 violations of immobilization or detention for investigation, one violation of illegal detention, one case of releasing with financial warranty, one case of preventing publication.


نوع الاننتهاك

violations distributed according to the victims' sector

27 violations against journalists in the Egyptian private newspaper which is always the most vulnerable sector to violations, 22 violations against unidentified press bodies that is related to mass violations while many journalists from different press institutions, 8 violations against people working in Egyptian private channels,5 violations against people working in networks news and electronic newspapers. It's observed that the governmental press and media sectors didn't witness any violation this month.


جهة الضحية

Violations distributed according to the aggressor sector

The interior ministry wasn't the first aggressor sector as we get used and the first aggressor sector was replaced by judicial bodies in accordance with 17 violations, and it didn't take the second place also as came the governmental bodies and officials in the second place in accordance with 16 violations, the interior ministry came in the third place in accordance with 14 violations, citizens committed 10 violations, private security officers committed two violations, public syndicates (the lawyers' syndicate) committed two violations, press and media institutions committed one violation.


جهة المعتدي

Violations distributed according to the governorate

Cairo came first as always with 43 violations, 8 violations in Giza, 4 violations in Suez, 3 violations in Dakahlia, one violation in all of Aswan, Gharbia, Asuit and Qaliubiya.


وفقا للموقع

violations distributed according to gender

males are the most violated with 31 violations, 22 mass violations for both males and females, 9 violations against females.



violations distributed according to press specializations

journalists were the most violated with 31 violations, then the editor with 11 violations, 8 photographers were violated, 5 reporters , 4 executives and 3 broadcasters.

وفقا للتخصص

3 prison sentences on journalists

* "impersonating a journalist" as an accusation that chase "journalists" at the start of 2017 as a part of the scenario of prosecuting journalists to revenge or settle political disputes

Year 2017 started with the judgment in absentia sentenced from el-Dokki Misdemeanor court in 1st January  of a year imprisonment on "Muhammed Khairy" ,editor in "Elbawaba news" website, and a 30 thousand fine in the case number 12926 for 2016, this prosecute filled from "Bahgat Rady" ,one of the leaders of "Elwafd" party in el-Menufi, accusing him defamation and impersonating a journalist.

While the journalist told "journalists against torture" observatory that he has been working in journalism for 8 years and he would present papers that prove this after the journalists syndicate ratification to protest against the judgment, he also added that the prosecution came after a report he had made about a complaint made by the party assistant secretary against one of the leaders of the party, this indicates that the prosecute made because of political dispute.

* two imprisonment judgments in defamation

First October Misdemeanor court under the command of the judge  "Mohamed Hussien Ammer" in the hearing issued 28th January condemned  "Reham Saed " and "Ahmed el-Hawary" of defamation the actor "Ziena" and sentenced them to 6 months imprisonment and 10 thousand fine for both of them.

22 preventing from press coverage violations

Governmental bodies and officials committed 11 preventing from press coverage violations including 2 violations committed by the parliament. 6 decisions from the court to prevent press and media from attending the hearings. 2 violations by citizens, one violation by the lawyer syndicate.

The continuity of preventing journalists from press coverage by governmental officials

11 preventing from press coverage violations committed by governmental bodies and officials including 2 violations committed by the parliament, the other seven violations differed in the official ranks and they are the minister of education, the governorate of Assuit, the police chief of el-Gharbia, the authorities of Cairo international airport, the security officials of the council of ministers, the organizers of the press conference of the minister of monuments in el-Qalybia, the bishop of Aswan, officials in the club of the judges of the state council, the security officials of the ministry of planning.

It's assured that all these practices violate the right of citizens to know and the right of the journalist to access information issued in article 8 in the law of press regulation and the right to attend public conferences, sessions and meetings.

The parliament still prevents the journalists from press coverage

* for the second time "Rana Mamdouh" ,a journalist in "Elmaqal" newspaper, has been prevented from entering the parliament to attend the opening session claiming that the ID is for 2016 and it should be renewed with an 2017 ID in spite of they let other journalists having the same ID enter. Rana said that this Intransigence is likely because the recent dispute between "Ibrahim Eissa" ,the editor in chief of "el-Maqal" newspaper, with the parliament. This contradict with the article 9 of the press regulation law number 96 that pan any restrictions prevent information access and pan any practices that prevent equal opportunities between the  different newspapers to access information.

* the health committee in the parliament panned the parliamentary journalists from attending its meeting with medicine firms' representatives convening 11 January to settle the crisis of medicine prices based on the decision of the Chairman of the Committee as he has the right to set a meeting without press according to the regulations, bit this violate the right to access information and the right to know what discussed in the parliament that was elected to represent the people that they hide information from especially that the case of medicine seized attention by the public opinion.

 Preventing press coverage of trials (6 preventing from press coverage violation without explaining reasons)  

The judicial bodies still uses the right authorized in article 18 of the judicial authority law that gave the judge the right to make decisions concerning the organization of the setting and prevent media and press from attending. This violates the citizens' right to access information and follow the trial's measurements that is the role of media and press.

hearings that the press was prevented from attending:
*the hearing of retrial of "Muhammad Badie" the supreme guide of the Muslim brotherhood and other  36 leaders of the brotherhood  accused in the case that is media known by "Rabaa operation room" convening  on 2nd  January in Giza criminal court.

* the hearing of the trial of 42 accused members of the organization "Egypt's soldiers" convening on 9th January in Giza criminal court convening in the police officers institution in "Tura".

*sentencing hearing on 19 accused of protesting without permit on 11th November 2016, the hearing was held on 14th January in Qasr el-Nile Misdemeanor court convening in Abdeen court.

*the hearing of the trial of 28 accused in the case media known by " Damietta terrorist cell" that was held on 15th January in north Cairo criminal court convening in the police officers institution in Tura.

* the hearing of the trial of 21 accused among them "Abdullah Shehata" ,the consultant of the ex-finance minister in the era of the presidency of "Mohamed Morsi" in the case media known by "Giza specific committees" that was held on 18th January in north Cairo criminal court.

*the hearing of the trial of 17 tourism police officer ,accused of mobbing in front of the administrative building objecting to the new system of work and disabling work flow,  that was held on 24th January in Old Cairo Misdemeanor court.

7 cases of assaulting journalists by insulting and threat.

*2 mass violations insulting and threatening journalists
- the first incident was in front of Zienhom morgue while the journalists were photographing the transfer of the dead body of the judge "Wael Shalaby", one of the judges were attending threatened the journalists that he will shot them if they photographed the incident.

- the second incident was when the security troops around the state council insulted the journalists while they were prevented from press coverage of the sentencing hearing of the case media known by "Tiran and Sanafir" although the judge didn't decided to prevent press attendance.

*3 cases of insulting and threatening committed by the interior ministry, two committed by citizens, one committed by governmental bodies and officials.

7 accusations by making reports to the prosecution against journalists

* 4 minutes accusing of publishing wrong information, 3 minutes accusing of insulting and slander

 3 minutes were submitted because of reports made about the interior ministry *

- the family of two police officers submitted minutes accusing "Samy Abd-elrady", the head of incidents department in "El-watan" newspaper and the assistant of the editor in chief, of insulting and slander because of a report about 4 police officers are suspected to enroll in assassination crime towards 8 police officers in Helwan that occurred on 8th may 2016, in spite of his assuring that all what he published was cited by official documentations that  the interior ministry disturbed  to all presidential headquarters and all the security systems too.

- the general "Shawky Salah" ,a faculty member at the police academy, filed a lawsuit against "El-Bedaia" website and the editor in chief "khaled el-Balshy" and the editor "Mohamed Rabea" demanding a 50 thousand pound compensation because of the detriment he had after publishing quotes for him in a report published on 5th December 2016 titled "from where the interior ministry get the exhibits?" that included quotes of security experts including the plaintiff that accused the defendant of truncating his sayings, "Rabee" told that the general "Shawky" objected to the title and a paragraph but he didn't deny the content of the report.

5 cases of arresting and accusation

* 4 initial accusations to the journalists of "El-Badil" website (Reem El-Hawary, Mohamed El-Saed, Ahmed Magdy and Saed Abdelllah the manager of the office of "elbadil" in Suez). They were accused of filming without permit and photographing vital and military establishments after arresting them while they were making a report about the opinions of citizens about price rising in addition to making a short film about the journalist syndicate.

*security troops arrested "Ahmed Mustafa Bayome", the editor of "El Dyar" newspaper, while he was existing around the journalist syndicate the same time there were protests about "Tiran and Sanafir", the journalist said during the investigation that he was heading to the national theatre to cover the show of "the church" movie that indicates to the Egyptian suffering in the recent explosion incidents in the Cathedral church in El-Abassya, then he was arrested randomly by security troops but the prosecute accused the journalist and some other arrested people of 9 accusations, among them protesting without notice, mobbing, bullying and power performance, waylaying, damaging possessions, assaulting officials, seizing melee weapon.

4 cases of beating or wounding assault

  *2 cases of beating were committed by governmental bodies and officials, one case committed by the interior ministry, one case of civil security officers or private security officers.

* the phenomenon of the violations committed by governmental bodies and officials increased as they committed 2 violations of beating journalists

- the first incident when an official in the state council physically assaulted "Karem Abd-Elkreem", the photographer of "El-Yoom El-Sabee" newspapers, while photographing the transferring of the dead body of the judge "Wael Shalabby" after one of the judges attending threatened the journalists if they photographed anything they would shoot them.

-  the second incident when "Ahmed Megahed", the manager of the office of the minister of high education, beaten  "Tawfik Shaaban", a journalist in "El-Watan" newspaper, while the press coverage of the press conference which the minister was launching an initiative about the Egyptian kids, this resented the existing journalists and they threatened they would leave the conference.

The continuity of preventing from publication

The violations of preventing from publication still existing in 2017. The website of "Elmasry El-Yoom" newspapers deleted an article made by the writer "Gamal El-Gaml" published on 18th January after publishing it for half a day. This resents the writer that used to write for the electronic newspaper periodically and he was surprised as it was a literature not a political article.

The "journalists of torture" observatory re-publish the article deleted as the observatory seek for defending the freedoms of media and press  based on the freedom of publishing and creativity issued in the constitution with the observance of the moral rights. The observatory assures that he is not responsible of the content of the publications and all the articles expresses the opinion of the writer.


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