The summary of the legal support for journalists during the last week in January
February 8th, 2017


"Journalists against torture" observatory continues following up the hearings of the cases related the freedom of media and press through this summary of legal support during the week by the law committee team in the observatory inside courtrooms and police stations that works as a supporting shelter to journalists and the media freedoms seeking for a free independent space for work.
this report includes the summary of the hearings that the law committee of the observatory during 28 January to 2 February, there were 10 judicial hearings to journalists in many different newspapers, here they are
- the trial of "Reham Saed" and "Ahmed Elhawary" who are accused of the defamation of the actress "Ziena"
- the case at bar of the lawsuit filed by the president of Tanta club against "El-watan" newspaper.
- the trial of "Mahmoud Abd-elnabi" the reporter of "Rassd" in Alexandria.
- the trial of "Ahmed Moussa" who is accused of insulting and slandering a lawyer.
- the hearing of the cassation of the imprisonment and surveillance sentence on "Ahmed Foad",a journalist at the news website "karmoz" in Alexandria,
- the hearing of a case that accuse the editor in chief of "Swat eloma" of insulting an infamous actress
- the hearing of two cases accusing the writer and journalist "Abd El-halim Andeel" of insulting and slander.
- the decision of remanded in custody for all of "Hamdy El-Zaeem", a journalist in "El-haya" newspaper, and "Mohamed Hassan", a journalist in "El-nabaa", and "Osama El-beshbeshy', a journalist in "Baladi" press agency.
- the hearing of imposing fines on the journalist and the writer "Abd el-haleem Andeel" 20 thousand pounds for being accused of insult and slander.

Sunday 29th January

first October misdemeanor court decided 6 month imprisonment and a 10 thousand fine for both "Reham Saed" and "Ahmed Elhawary" for being guilty insulting and slandering the actress Ziena after postponement of many hearings.

When "Reham Saed" hosted "Ahmed El-hawary" in her show "Sabay El-khair" on "El-nahar" TV in march 2014 because of the topic of "Ziena" and "Ahmed Ezz" as he said he had information and documents about this topic.

Monday 30th january

Eldoki misdemeanor court has decided postponement for report and acknowledgment in the case filed by the manager of Tanta club against all of the chairman of " Elwatan" newspapers, the editor in chief of same newspaper and a journalist in the same newspaper and the acting executive director for the FA accusing them of insulting and slander.

"Fyeaz Abd-Elhameed Orebe", the manager of Tanta club, submitted a minute accusing "Mohamed Anwar Salh", to the acting executive director for the FA, and "Mohamed El-Amen", the chairman of "Elwatan" newspaper, and "Magdy El-Galad", the editor in chief, and "ahmed Abd-elbasset", a journalist at the same newspaper, accusing them insulting and slandering  him through the publication of the dialogue of the executive director of the FA in the edition date 11-7-2012.

Wednesday 1st February

* Cassation Court, held in the high court,  accepted the Cassation filed by "Ahmed Foad", the reporter of "karmoz" news website on the sentence against him of 3 years imprisonment and 3 years surveillance and a 100 thousand pounds.
retail in the criminal case number 29446 for 2014 in "first Montazah", recorded in the number of 2723 for year 2014 in total east Alexandria,  is decided in charge of a criminal panel but the upcoming hearing is still not scheduled, the punishment's duration elapsed  on 26th January 2017 and he was released from "Borg El-Arab" prison on Monday 30th January, there would ba a retrial concerning the financial fine and the surveillance sentence while he is outside jail.

*first October misdemeanor court postponed for service the case of insulting and slandering ,filed by the businessman "Ahmed Abo-hashema" against "Tawfik Okasha", to the date 8th february.

"Taher El-kholy" the lawyer of "Abo-hashema" filed a case of insulting and slander against "Tawfik Okasha" and the case was recorded with the number 2018 for 2016 first October misdemeanor.
in the same context, first October misdemeanor court also postponed for service the case of insulting and slander against "Tawfik Okasha" filed by "Khaled Saleh" the chairman and the editor in chief of "El-Yom el-sabee" to the same day,8th February.
the lawyer of "Khaled Saleh" filed a case of insulting and slander against "Tawfik Okasha" that was recorded with the number of 2109 for 2016 first October misdemeanor.

* the eighth criminal Alexandria panel in command of the judge "Abdullah Abdulkader Elkelany" postponed for testimony of witness of prosecution the trial of "Mahmoud Abdlnby", a reporter in "Rassd"  news network, to the date 29th march in the case numbered 50666 for 2014 criminal first "Elmontzah" and numbered 42144 for 2014 total east Alexandria press known by "Sede Bshr's incidents".
the hearing witnessed testimony of one of the prosecution witnesses, in addition to representing the defense's requests to the court, they requested releasing the accused because the exceeded the duration of the remand, as they are close to start their fourth year in remand without disposing.

* Eldokii misdemeanor court decided to refuse cause of action accusing "Ahmed  Essam Fahmy", the ex-chairman of  "sawt el-omma", and the writer and journalist "charl el-masry", the editor in chief of "Sawt el-omma", of insulting and slander of infamous actress. The sentences was to refuse the civilian and criminal case of action and obliging the plaintiff to pay the expenses.
the case filed by the actress "sohier" that "Sawt elomma" news gate had published a report that indicates that she is involved with a prostitution case in north coast unlike the truth. The report was titled " a fight in the north coast reveals infamous actress involving in prostitution".

* Eldokii misdemeanor court postponed the protest of the writer and journalist "Abdelhalem Andeel" on the sentences of imposing 20 thousand pound in two cases accusing him of insulting and slandering to the date 7th February.
 Eldokii misdemeanor court had decided to imposing financial fines on him in the two cases numbered 19861 and 19862 for 2016, 10 thousand pounds for every case, and obliging him to pay 10001 pounds as a temporary compensation for every case.

* the 63compensations circuit of north Cairo court, held in Elabassya, to oblige "Ahmed Moussa" paying a 10 thousand pound compensation to the lawyer "Tarek Elawady" in a case accuse "Ahmed Moussa" of insulting and slandering.
"Tarek Elawady" said that he was surprised of "Ahmed Moussa" assaulting him with insults and slander through his show named "on my responsibility" in September 2014 and he demanded a one million compensation for what he faced from detriments after publishing wrong news about him that may effect on his job and reputation.

Thursday 2nd February

* total middle Cairo prosecution, held in south Cairo in Zienhom, decided to postpone the hearing of the case of "Hamdy ElZaeem", a journalist in Elhayah newspaper, and "Mohamed Hassan", a journalist in "Elnabaa" newspaper, and "Osama Elbshbeshy", a journalist in "Baladi" news gate, to the date 5th February, according to the sayings of their lawyer "Amr Mohamed".
this on the case numbered 15060 for 2016 Qasr Elnile misdemeanor in which they are accused of joining an unlawful organization, publishing wrong information that harms the national security interest, photographing without permits and a new accusation the prosecution added in the previous hearing which is "receiving foreign funds".

* Eldokii misdemeanor court, held in Giza trial court, decided to terminate the two cases of imposing 20 thousand pound fine on "Abdelhalem Andeel", the editor in chief of "Sawt el-omma" newspaper" for being accused of insulting and slandering.
the sentences in the two cases, numbered 9693for 2016 and 6448 for 2011, as Eldokii misdemeanor court had decided to impose a 10 thousand pound fine on him and 5001 pounds as a civic temporary compensation and 50 pounds as lawyer fees for being accused of insulting and slandering in the first case. The sentence of the second case was a 10 thousand pound fine, 10001 pounds as a civic temporary compensation and 50 pounds as lawyer fees.