The media in January| "Ibrahim Eisaa" left "Elkahera w Elnas" channel.. launching "DMC" channels .. "El-dostor" in a new shape.
February 8th, 2017

تقريdddر اخباري شهري

The press and media national and private institutions, the governmental and private news channels and the journalist syndicate has witnessed a lot of incidents during January. "Journalists against torture" observatory is representing these incidents in this monthly reports.

The news of local media

* The administration of "Rotana Masrya" decided to stop the programme "Mn el-akhr" that had been introduced by "Mohamed El-okaby" since a year and a half, "El-okaby" introduced the last show episode without saying that he was ready to introduce another upcoming a TV program on the channel.

* "Ibrahim Eissa" declared through a statement that his program on "El-kahra w El-nas" thanking his audience and the owner of the channel and the editors. This arose arguments about the reasons especially that his decision came after his critic towards the people assembly.
from the other side, the administration of "Elkahra w el-nas" announced that "Ibrahim Essa" decided to not to continue in introducing his program through a statement to clarify the situation and its attitude towards the program after the arguments arose from the public opinion side about the reasons of the program stopping suddenly.

* "Ahmed Moussa" the introducer of "Khat ahmar" program on "El-hadas el-yom" channel attacked severely on "Moataz Matar" the broadcaster in "Elshark" channel describing him a sheep because of calming that he made up some lies about the international Egyptian doctor "Hesham Ashour", one of the Egyptian scientists in Germany

* "Saad el-den Othman", the ex-interior ministry in Morocco, demanded the current minister "Salah el-den Elmzwar" to interfere to correspond the Egyptian authorities about a private channel that used a private photo of a parliament in the Moroccan "justice and development party" as a defamation of juggling, saying that such a thing affected morocco and the channel had to apologize quickly.

* the interview with the actress "Fatma Kashr" arouse many arguments, as she was interviewed in "Sabahk masry" program on MBC Masr 2 after she deliverd a wired message to the prisdent "Abdelfatha Elsisi" saying that he should wear knickers to avoid the cold weather. "Samir Sabry" the lawyer filed an urgent case to the attorney general against MBC Masr as they deliberately insulted the president.
from her side, "Naaela Farouk" ,the chairman of the regional channels sector, referred the interviewer "Amira Eltatawy" to the profession committee president by "Hamdy Elknesy" to determine to what extent she was committed to the rules of the profession or she didn't.

* the police troops in Giza had arrested the manager of "beauty and health" channel because he directed the channel not accordingly to the law after the general "Hesham Eleraky", the assistant of the interior ministry for Giza's security, had got a notice from first October police station to arrest "Wally elden, A" the manager that inhabits the third district in octobre.
otherwise, the administration of "health and beauty" channel the news about them closing the channels and arresting their manager and that she broadcast outside  media production city.

 * "Emad Rabie", the executive manager of the network of channels named "DMC", revealed the whole list of mangers and chairmen of the "DMC" that include many of experienced people.

Maspiro's news (Radio and TV union's news)

* the current period of time witnesses differences of point of views between the radio and TV union and media city agency. This led many to send rumors about the agency being late to pay their dues to Maspiro.

* the membres of the central auditing agency in their latest reports concerning the revising the accountancy of the specialized sector in Maspiro that the asset are inflated.

*"Mohamed Trabia" said that he had documents that prove the corruption in Maspiro that estimated to millions assuring that this was not just a talk and that he had documents and real proofs, adding that one of them revealed excesses and financial Irregularities that exceeded hundreds of millions.

* The officials in security sector in Maspiro were delivered an official note from the writers' union that included 5 names to prevent them talking in the name of the writers' union through the media of the union, because they are just members of the general  assembly of the union and they didn't represent the union by law.
* there is a status of conflict wallow and denial sometimes and affirmation another times inside Maspiro about hiring some studios for news to the "DMC" in spite of the denial of the Maspiro's managers fearing of the workers getting angry, while there are special sources inside Maspiro  assured this.

The news of local press

* "Eldostor" newspaper declared that they stopped publishing their journal for ten days starting from January as a preparing for their new launch with a new shape under the command of the writer and journalist "Mohamed Elbaz", the chairman and the editor in chief, that he had taken the responsibility three days before this declaration.
the journalist and the poet "Mohamed Elosery", the ex-manager of editing sector in "Elbwaba" news gate, became the vice chairman and the executive manager for "Eldostor" newspaper in its new shape in 2017.

* the public session of the people assembly arose many arguments because of including the journalists' representative among the members of the cultural supreme council in the law draft presented by the parliamentarian "Osama Heikel". The parliamentarian "Alaa Abed", Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for the Egyptian Liberal Party, disagreed on the modification of the formation of the cultural supreme council.

 * a group of journalists in "October" magazine, affiliated to "Dar Elmaarf" institution, threatened to organize a protest at the stairs of the journalist syndicate objecting the system of the editor in chief describing it with " Arbitrary"

* "Reda Gamal",the wife of the journalist "Ibrahim Eldarawy" whose name was included in the terrorists' list, said that he didn't deserve that but it's natural that after he had been jailed and prevented from his work and depriving him from his family and many rights, he was listes as a terrorist.

* "Mahmoud kamel", chairman of the cultural committee in the journalist syndicate, declared a deal with the manager of the general Egyptian book organization "Haythem Elhaj" to allow journalists enter Cairo international fair book through the gate numbered 7 that is specialized for the employees with the ID of the journalists syndicate.

* from special sources, the newspaper "Elyom Elsabee" published that the president "Abdellfatah Elsisi" will isuee a presidential decree with the formation of the three press institutions issued by the constitutions.

The news of the journalists syndicate

*"yehia Qlalsh" Journalists' representative declared that he got a letter from the bresidency to send 10 recommendations of the syndicate to gain membership in the supreme council of media regulations and the national commission of press.

after that, the council of the journalists syndicate under the command of "Yehia Qalash" had a meeting to choose the names of the recommends to the membership of the supreme council of media regulation and the national commission of press as the syndicate recommends 44 member for the supreme council of media regulation that the presidency choose 2 of them, and 6 recommendations for the national commission of press the presidency choose 3 among them.

The council of the journalist syndicate decided to recommend 10 journalists to the membership of the supreme council of media regulation. They are "Abdelfatah Elgebaly", "Gamal Fahmy", "Salah Elsalhy", "Magdy Helmy" and the president will choose 2 among them.

* "Gamal Abdelrhem" assured that the syndicate council had decided to remove 6 journalists from the schedules of the syndicate clarifying that the removal was because 4 of them missed the condition of professionalism after they practiced another profession.

* "khaled Mery" announced closing the application to join the schedual of the journalists under training and informing "cairo university" to determine the date to set the training courses to applicants.