The details of the hearing of the photographer "Shawkan" and the continuity of presenting the videos – 7th February
February 8th, 2017


28 circuit criminal Cairo, under the chief of the judge "Hassan Faried", held at the institute of the police officers in Tura, decided to postpone the hearing of "Mahamoud Abozied Shawkan", a press photographer in " Demotix" agency known by "Shawkan", for continuing representing the CDs concerning the case submitted by the attorney general and for the application of the prosecution witnesses to the date 25th February. This in the case numbered 43150 for 2015 recorded with the number 2985 for 2015 total east Cairo known in the media as " the dispersal of Rabaa sit-in".

The hearing started at 11:30 am on Tuesday 7th February 2017 to continue representing the CDs submitted by the attorney general. The defense panel submitted the requests to the judge and comments for every CD presented in the courtroom.

 The hearing witnessed representing the rest of the videos related to the case that had been submitted by the national security sector as evidences about the incidents of the sit-in dispersal and the treatment of the police with the protestors.

The requests submitted by the defense panel to the chief justice

1- excluding some of the CDs submitted by the national security sector to the court that had been presented during the hearing because it wasn't related to the incidents of "Rabaa" sit-in dispersal, which make them useless to the case.

2- sending some of the ill accused to the doctor of the prison and submit a detailed report with their health status in the next session.

3- releasing all of the accused  with any kind of warranties decided by the court.

The defense of the press photographer "Shwakan" said to the court panel that he went to the doctor of the prison in October 2016, the response came to make a specialist doctor see him. The defense indicates that there had been more than 3 months until now and he didn't see any specialist, adding that "Shawkan" had virus C and he was in deteriorated health status.

The requests submitted by the defense of "Shawkan" to the court panel

 1- sending "Shawkan" to the forensic science to submit a report about his health status and proving that he had virus C. the defense also submitted a portofilio of documents included a medical report issued from the Egyptian medical establishment that proved that he was in a dangerous health status.

2- releasing "Shawkan" for his deteriorated health status indicating that he had been in preventive custody for more than three years until now

The chief justice decided in the end of the hearing the postponement of the trial to 25th February. And the court decided to refer "Shawkan", mentioned with the number 242, to the forensic science to prove his health status with the remaining of him and the rest of the accused in preventive custody and sending the ill accused to the doctor of the prison, besides releasing one of the accused to be suffering from cirrhosis of the liver.

The most outstanding accused in this case a group of the brotherhood's leaders as "Mohamed Badee" the morshed of the brotherhood and the son of the ex-president, besides the press photographer "Shawkan".

The security troops arrested "Shawkan" while he was photographing and mentoring the dispersal of "Rabaa" sit-in in August in 2013, now he is remaining in preventive custody accused of belonging to "the Muslim brotherhood" and participating in an armed sit-in.

It is worth mentioned that he spent more than three years in preventive custody without a sentence reasoning all this time. This came as a violate to the article 143 from the law of criminal measurements that forbid the period of preventive custody exceeds 2 years in any case.