A police officer insulted, detained, threatened journalists in the directorate of health
February 22nd, 2017


A police officer in Al-Azbakia police station accused two reporters working in "Masr Al-Arabyia" website of incitement and that they are working in a channel antagonizing the state, this was while the press coverage of the demonstrations of the people working in the directorate of health that was held yesterday. Then the reports left and didn’t complete their job of the coverage.
from his side, "Abdelaziz Mobark" ,the reporter of "Masr Al-Arabyia" website, headed with his job colleague to the directorate for the sake of the press coverage of the demonstration, then they got surprised when a police officer tried to reserve the press equipment as soon as he had seen the website logo. Mobark indicated that he didn't know the reason why the police officer had been inside the building, but he prevented them from press coverage accusing them of incitement and antagonizing the state claiming that they work for a provocative channel so they decided to leave and withdraw the press coverage to avoid the situation being worse especially from the officer's side as he had been aggressive with the journalists in general. Mobark indicated also that he insulted all the journalists existing.

At the same incident by the same police officer, a jangle occurred between him and the journalists existing to the extent that made the police officer detained the journalists inside preventing them from press coverage and threatened some of them in spite of showing off their IDs that prove they are journalists.
About this, Abeer Ahmed ,a photographer in "Al-Fajr" newspaper that was attending to cover the demonstration, said "the crisis started when we start photographing with the workers protesting, then we were surprised that the police officer insulting the journalists and the journalism and prevented us from press coverage, claiming that we worck for provocative channels and newspapers, then some journalists left fearing of the threats he arose, while others continued who got surprised when they finished and preparing to leave that he detained us and closed the gate" she added also that he threatened of chasing her after he "Knew her face".

Abeer also indicated that another the police officers ordered him to open the gate and set them free but he refused and took the IDs from the journalists to check on them, but the restored their IDs thanks to the intervene of the protestors. She added also that the crisis didn't end untile the presence of the Sheriff of the police station who released them and apologized to the journalists.