A preparation programmer in "Nile life" channel accused the chairman of insulting and slandering.. Shabana commented "her legal right"
March 1st, 2017


Walaa Shaarway ,the preparation programmer of "the stories of Maspiro" podcasted in "life channel" related to the specialized channels, submitted a suitcase numbered 448 for year 2017 administrative Bolaq against Khaled Shabana, the chairman of the channels "Nile life" and "Nile comedy" accusing him of insulting and slandering in the attendance of the channel colleagues.

The details of the incidents returns to a conflict between the chairman and the preparation programmer because of preventing the transmit of an episode had been recorded in last January that hosted the director "Shokry Abuemira" claiming that the reason is not making a promo which chagrins the interviewee, so he made some calls to the people in charge denouncing the disrespect towards the interviewee.

After Abu Emira had intervened, the episode transmitted in its date on Thursday 9th February instead of postponing it. the work team of the program intervened to settle the misunderstanding between the chairman and the preparation programmer, while heading to Shabana with her accompany to meet him, the podcaster "Abeer Mohamed " refused to let them enter claiming that the chairman wouldn't meet anyone.

As a result, the preparation programmer left the office, but she heard Shabana shouting and insulting her family in the attendance of some workers in the channel, then she headed to Maspiro investigation department and filed a suitcase against him sccusing him of insulting and slandering, but the matter is still left to the people on charge of Maspiro to settle.

The journalists against torture observatory contacted with Shabana ,the chairman of the channel, to clarify his situation, but he refused to comment on the incident or to talk about the details, assuring that she has the right to take that legal measurement, but the matter under investigation, he declared also that he wasn't recalled to submit his sayings and that he is busy now developing the programs in the channel.