An imprisonment sentence on a journalist in "El-gomhoria" newspaper because of insulting "El-zend" .."Gamal Abdelraheem" commenting " a strange sentence!"
February 14th, 2017


The south Cairo criminal court decided today ,14th November, punishing "Ahmed Abobaraka" ,the council of the dissolved party of liberty and justice, and "Safwat Omran" ,a journalist in "El-gomhorya" newspaper, with a 6 month imprisonment sentence, and imposing a 20 thousand pound fine on "Gamal Abdelrheem" ,the ex-editor in chief of "Elgomhoria" newspapers and the general secretary of the journalists syndicate,.

This was because of accusing Abubaraka of insulting the judicial authority and insulting and slandering the ex-minister of justice "Elzend", and accusing the journalist and the editor in chief of the newspaper of being responsible of publishing an interview with Elzend.

 About the sentence, Gamal Abdelrheem said that he was informed of the sentence just after being decided as he didn't attend the hearing but his lawyer attended, and he commented that the sentence is very strange because the accusation of the journalist is insult and slander and he was sentenced of imprisonment in contradiction with canceling the imprisonment in the insult and slander cases in the panel law.

"Abdelraheem" added that the council of the journalists syndicate is about to launch a statement today to comment about this sentence as "Safwat Omran" is now threatened to be jailed because this is a final judgment in presence, indicating that the cassation requires imprisoning the journalist first.

 It's worthy indication that the lawyer "Osama Elhelw" of the accused "Abubaraka" demanded innocence for him and its non-specialty  Jurisdiction, adding that the misdemeanor court is the tribunal and that because the victim in the case "Elzend" is a citizen not an official that's because his opinion was political and not related to the judicial authority that he belongs to as a judge.

 "Abdelrheem" added that the interview the accused made didn't include any insulting and slandering words towards the victim, and he added that the case didn't include any evidence against the accused as there isn't any records to the interview.

 The general prosecution referred the lawyer "Ahmed Abubarka" and the ex-editor in chief of Elgomhoria newspaper and Safwat omran ,a journalist in the same newspaper, to the criminal court accusing them of insulting the judicial authority and insulting and slandering "Elzend" after filing a case to the general prosecution while he was the president of the club of Egypt's judges against the defendant accusing them accusing them of the accusations previously mentioned because of an interview published in Elgomheria newspaper in the edition dated 22nd August 2012 that included insults to Elzend that he considered it as insulting and slandering. Cairo appeal prosecution had investigated with the defendants and released them then they transferred to the court.