9 Violations against Journalists in 3 hours .. Assault with beat, Arrest and Cartridge wounds
April 15th, 2016

Journalists Against Torture 12963677_10154092800642744_8536073057545347388_n The teamwork of JATO monitored through the first 3 hours of (Friday of the Earth) events which have been organized by oponents to the presidend AlSisi after delivering him Teran and Sanafeer Islands to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The observatory monitored 9 violations against journalists, 2 cartridge wounds, 4 detention cases and 2 verbal abuse and beat cases. It started when Alwatan Journaliat Moustafa Mohammed wounded with cartridge during coverage a demonstration launched from Alharam Street, resulted to a light wound. The observatory teamwork assured that Ali Fahim, the photographer of Alfajr, had been injured with cartridge during coverage the events of (The Earth is the Honor) surrounding Alestekama mosque. After arresting Hasan Osman Alwatan reporter by the police forces, they released him during coverage the events which was organized by protesters today. To Moustafa Mahmoud mosque where the demonstrations launched against the president decision, the forces arrested Ahmed Baraa the reprter of Alyoum7 during coverage the events there. Also the forces arrested ONA reporte there, who assured that the forces tried to damage his camera but he fighted them and hold it to his hand strongly. In the frame of the Security Forces the heavy preparations surrounding Tahrir Square, the forces dismissed the journalists from there and refused their presence. The observatory monitored many civilians assaulted with beat and verbal abuses in Port Saed to the photographers Mohamed Kamal, and from Almasry Alyoum Mohammed Rashed. And the Security Forces arrested the photographer of Almasry Alyoum Tarek Wagih during his coverage the day demostrations against delivering the two islands to Saudi Arabia.