Correspondent of Freedom and Justice Gate In Suez 617 Days Behind Bars
December 17th, 2015

Journalists Against Torture   285562 Name: Abdelrahman Shahin.   Profession: Correspondent.   Date of Detention: 9th April, 2014.   Workplace: "Aljazeera Channel" and "Freedom and Justice Gate".   Detention Facts: While he was on his way to the Suez Post Office.   Charges: - Inciting Violence, Subscribe in acts of sabotage. - Burning Police Cars. - Terrorism Charge. - Broadcasting false news. - Killing protesters during The Breaking Up of The Rabaa Sit-In.   Legal Status: - In his First Case the Suez Court sentenced him to three years in prison and 10,000 Egyptian pounds. - In the Second Case the court sentenced him to three years in prison. - In the Third case, the court did not sentence it yet.   Days of Detention: 617 Days.   Place of Detention: Gamasa Prison.