ONA's reporter telling the details of kidnapping and assaulting him in Fayoum
March 4th, 2017


last Wednesday, "Saeed Borek" ,a reporter in ONA news agency in Fayuom, was kidnaped and beaten by many bodyguards working for an owner of cafés and restaurant that weren't license, after one day of a report made by him monitored through it some of the not licensed cafés in Fayoum.

About the details of the incident, "Borek" clarified while speaking to the observatory that he made a report about the not licensed cafés and restaurants in Fayoum, to help the officials of the governorate.
the day after publishing this report, the security sectors decided revoking some of them including a café in a not licensed building.

"Borek" said that while pressing the revoking process on 1st March, then he got surprised of an owner of a café that had a revoking order, immobilizing him with 4 bodyguards they tied him with a rope and put him in a car, then they seized all his private property and his papers, then they threw him from the car after beating him causing him a break in his right hand.

"Borek" filed a case numbered 892 for year 2017 second misdemeanor Fayoum, the owner of the café was arrested the day after and the prosecution heard his sayings about the incident, then he was released with a financial warranty, and we are waiting for investigation and finding other aggressors.