Refusing the appeal of the prosecution.. releasing "Al-Zaiem, Hassan and El-bshbeshy"
March 21st, 2017


Cairo criminal court ,held today in the counseling room by the judge "Hassan Faried", refused the appeal submitted by the prosecution about the decision of releasing with precautionary measures all of "Hamdy El-Zaiem" ,a journalist in Al-hayah newspaper, "Mohamed Hassan" ,a journalist in Al-Nabaa newspaper, and "osama El-bshbeshy" ,a journalist in "Baladi" news agency, as said by "Iman hamed" the lawyer of the observatory while attending the hearing.

Last Sunday, The fifth circuit of Giza criminal court, held by the judge "Nagy Shehata", decided releasing the three journalists with probation for three days a week  by attending some hours in the police station of their districts, but the prosecution filed an appeal against this decision.

This was about the case numbered 15060 for year 2016 Qasr El-Niel misdemeanor, that accused the three journalists of joining a panned illegal association, publishing wrong news that harms the national security, photographing without permission and another accusation added by the supreme state security prosecution about getting foreign fund.

The security troops arrested the three journalists on Monday 26th September while "Elzaiem" and "El-bshbeshy" had been making a video report surrounding the journalists syndicate that coincided "Hassan" had been passing by, they were investigated inside the police station by the national security after they had been arrested, then they were referred to the prosecution, on Tuesday evening 27th September.