Releasing "Khaled Ammar" and "Ramadan Ahmed" with financial guarantee
March 15th, 2017


The Cairo appeal prosecution ,held in the headquarter of the attorney general in "Elrehab", decided releasing all of "Khaled Ammar" ,a journalist in the judicial department in "elwafad" newspaper, and "Ramadan Ahmed" ,the head of the judicial department in "Roz Al-Youssef" with financial guarantee for both of them severally of 1000 pounds, for being accused of publishing wrong news, as said by "Iman Al-ameen" ,the lawyer of the observatory, while attending the investigations.

"Iman" calrified that the prosecution heard the sayings of the journalists in the investigation numbered 11 for year 2017, as they were faced by the accusation of publishing wrong news, that may threat the public interest because of a report published about accepting the plea of one of the accused in Port Said's massacre.

The lawyer also indicated that the journalists both denied the accusations, as many official newspapers published this, and stuck to the principle of good faith and absence of the criminal intent, so the defense demanded releasing and when the prosecution ended the investigation and hearing the accused, decided the releasing with a 1000 pound financial guarantee.

 The attorney general decded recalling the two journalists for being accused of publishinf wrong news after one of them posted in Facebook about the acceptance of the public prosecution to the plea of his agent and re-opening the investigation, so the attorney general submitted a statement about questioning all who published or spread this news.