"Solafa magdy" telling the details of arresting her while making a report in "Elwaraq"
February 23rd, 2017


"Solafa Magdy" ,a news reporter to many news agencies in Egypt, was assaulted while filming a report in a street in Elwaraq district in Giza, on 21st  February, the assault evolved to the extent of damaging some of her press equipment, and she was led with her colleague "Hossam Elsayad" to the police station claiming that they are filming without permit.
 About the incident, Solafa said to the observatory that she was making a report with her colleague in a slaughterhouse inside a market without knowing that there is a mutual wall between the market and the building of the district presidency of Waraq, then they were surprised with more than 15 persons including officials and secretary of the presidency and the police station inquiring about the reason of their presence as they thought the film is about the building.

 Solafa added that they told them that they are journalists and photographing the market not the district or the building so they changed the sight they were photographing the way the building didn't appear not to make problems, but one of the police officer demanded a permit for photographing in spite of not photographing a governmental or military building, and photographing the market doesn't require a permit, so there had been a jangle between them.

Solafa continued " we were surprised of a police officer taking the mobile we were photographing with and removing all the material we photographed, then he tried to take the other press equipment and while I was trying to get them back, he broke the mobile stand and we lost a Bluetooth headset, and he headed to the police office so we followed him to get our equipment back, until some of the officials in the district asked to enter the building to settle the dispute".

solafa continued that the secretary of the district took their IDs and the IDs of their job, and they get all their personal data until someone of the police station came for investigation, she also indicated that the police officer that assaulted them as trying to incite the officer who came from the police station describing what they were doing by "photographing the poor's food" then they were led to the police station to meet the Sheriff.

Solafa assured that the Sheriff was understanding their job and apologized about that the police officer did and sent with them a representative from the police station to the market to complete their report but it was late and 6 hours had already passed from the time of the filming as they had started at 6 am so they lost all what they photographed and they couldn't to restart again.