The bulletin weekly| expelling the journalists from "the local development".. preventing from press coverage from attending the trial of "Kerdasa's massacre"
February 19th, 2017


"journalists against torture" observatory has recorded 4 violations against journalists and the media during the last week, they were all preventing from press coverage, in addition to expelling the journalists from the ministry of local development while press coverage of the arrival of the new ministry "Hesham Shrief".
the observatory team published some reports and publishing, the most outstanding was a research paper about "the accusation of impersonation of a journalist", in addition to an updated list with the names of the Egyptian jailed journalists because of their press working, they reached the number of 19.

Preventing from press coverage

* the security officers of the hospital of Zagazig university in Sharqia prevented the journalists from the press coverage of the protests organized by the nurses against the administration of the hospital and the people in charge of the university, this was on last Saturday 11th February, because of deducing much money from their wages, demanding their financial dues.

* the police officers securing the courtroom of the police officers institution in Tura prevented the journalists and the media from entering the courtroom, while they permitted to some journalists and channels to enter for the press coverage of the trial of "Kerdasa's massacre" held on last Monday.

* the general "Waleed Moshrfa",the manager of the central administration for matters concerning the minister of local development, demanded the reporters of local development matters of the various newspapers ,that came to the ministry last Thursday to meet and congratulate the new minister "Hesham Elshrief", to get out saying "the minister will not meet journalists and he will not be photographed today and you are not welcomed".

* the salafist preaching in Bany Swief prevented the journalists and the media from the pess coverage of the meeting of "Yasser Elborhamy" on Friday evening in the hall of the teachers' club in Bany Sweif, that was attended by many leaders of the salafist preaching and "Elnour" party including the general secretary "Shaaban Abdelaleem".

 Reports and publications

The research department of the observatory prepared an analytical paper about the accusation of impersonation of a journalist that chase the journalists from the editor in chief to the editor in spite of they are practicing journalism.

the mentoring and recording department also published an updated detailed list of the names of journalists jailed and the docket numbers and the place where they are jailed, the list included 19 journalist after being updated to their law statements until 16th February, the list also included the accusations. This list was ruled by the methodology and the measurements set by the observatory.