The bulletin weekly| the return of "Yaqout" to Burj Al Arab prison.. preventing the media from attending the meeting of "poultry prices"
February 11th, 2017


Journalists against torture observatory has monitored 2 cases of preventing from press coverage during the last week. The first was preventing press coverage of the meeting of the minister of agriculture and the minister of supply, the second was a decision to the imams of the mosques in Suez to stop dealing with media.

The observatory also issued the monthly report of violations against media freedom for January, in addition to contacting with the families of the jailed journalists to be in touch with their conditions inside jails.

Preventing from press coverage

The officials of ministry of agriculture prevented the journalists and the media from attending the meeting that was held by the minister of agriculture and the minister of supply in the ministry of agriculture's headquarter on Monday 6th of February, with the attendance of the members of the supreme committee to support poultry industry to discuss the last price uprising of poultry.

The directorate of endowments decided to prevent the administrators and the inspectors of the mosques and head of departments from giving any comments or statements so as not to make crisis that would influence the work of imams. This is starting from the passed Thursday of 9th February.

The conditions of jailed journalists

"Abdelrahman Yakout",a press photographer at "Karmoz" news website, was returned to his cell in Burj Al Arab prison in Alexandria on Sunday 5th February after he spent more than a month in "lyamn 440" in "Wady Elnotron" prison to take his exams that had been ended since a week. He was roomed yesterday with other prisoners, as said by his mother.

Reports and publications

Journalists against torture observatory issued the last week the monthly report of violations against media and press freedoms during January, in Arabic and in English with a statistical and analytical representation for the most outstanding violations.