The deputy editor of "Elwatan' explains the reasons of being accused of insulting "Azhar"
February 22nd, 2017


The journalist "Ahmed Elkhateeb",the deputy editor of "Elwatan" newspaper, talked  about the details of the case filed by the counselor  of Sheikh Al-Azhar against him, its hearing is scheduled in 4th march to start his trial with the editor in chief " Mahmoud Moslam" in the case numbered 18526 Dokii misdemeanor court for year 2016 in 17th circuit of Giza criminal court, for insulting the Holy Azhar and slandering its leaders, publishing wrong news about the holy Azhar and insulting and slandering the counselor of Shiekh Al-azhar.

While speaking with "Elkhateb", he declared that the details of the case is reflected by a series of 13 articles, each by weak, on "Elwatan" newspaper, titled with "al-Azhar's corruption", indicating in these articles some political and administrative excesses by the side of some leaders, then he was surprised by 5 judicial cases filled by Al-Azhar against him, two cases of them by the grand Imam of Al-Azhar, another two cases by the legal affairs council of Al-Azhar, the last one filed by the counselor of Shiekh Al-Azhar.

"Elkhateb" also indicates that the counselor of Al-Azhar was largely meant in the articles for being one of the leaders in the institution, so he mentioned him in some of his articles, and the case filed by him was referred to the criminal court, assuring that the articles didn't mean to insult the holy Azhar, it was just a critique to the institution as it had many irregularities, according to his point of view, and the articles didn't ignore praising the scholars of Al-Azhar and the grand Imam of Al-Azhar.

"Elkhateeb" also declared that the rest of the cases filled by Shiekh Al-Azhar and the legal affairs council of Al-Azhar hasn't been determined yet, except for one case that had been rejected.
he also indicated that he was recalled  by the prosecution for investigation twice, but he had a surgery at that time so he didn't manage to go, then he was surprised that the case was referred to the criminal court and the first hearing of the trial was scheduled in 4th march. From his side he assured that he will attend the hearing.

It's worthy indicating that the case also accused "Mahmoud Mosalm" ,the editor in chief of "Elwattan", of breaching the duties of his job and allowing publishing wrong news about Al-Azhar and its scholars and leaders that could humiliate the institution and exceeding the right of criticizing to insulting and slandering, as what's recorded in the case.