The hearings' agenda for the third week of February
February 18th, 2017


"journalists against torture" observatory is publishing the most outstanding investigation hearings or the trials of journalists for the third week of February. They are:

Sunday 19th February

The administrative judiciary court set a hearing to the case filed by the lawyer "Samir Sabry" that demand closing all the websites of Shia generally, and the website "Elnafes" especially, that was postponed for review in the last hearing. 

The case mentioned that " it's unbelievable and unacceptable that there is a website spreads the thoughts of Shia and sets a media platform in Egypt, as Egypt is an Islamic state and the constitution sets  the Islamic Sharia as the source of legislation, and it admits only Christianity and Judaism only as religions.

 Monday 20th February

Dokii Misdemeanor Court is considering the case of the manager of "Tanta's sports clup" against all of the chairman and the editor in chief of "Elwatan" newspaper and a journalist in the same newspaper and the chargé d'affaires of the executive manager of the FA, accusing them of insulting and slandering him, that was postponed for report and Acknowledgment in the last hearing.

"Faez Abdelhameed Orebe" ,the manager of Tanta club, set a minute accusing "Mohamed Anwar Saleh" the chargé d'affaires of the executive manager of the FA and "Mohamed Elamen" ,the chairman of "Elwatan" newspaper, and "Magdy Elgalad" ,the editor in chief, and "Ahmed Abdelbaset" ,a journalist in the same newspaper, accusing them of insulting and slandering through publishing an interview with the executive manager of the FA on 11th July 2012.

Wednesday 22nd February

the hearing of the renewal of remanding in preventive custody for all of "Hamdy Elzaiem" , a journalist in "Elhayah" newspaper, and "Mohamed Hassan" ,a journalist in "Elnabaa" newspaper, and "Osama elbshbeshy" ,a journalist in "Baladi" news agency, in the case numbered 15060 for year 2016 misdemeanor Qasr Elniel, after 150 days in preventive custody for being accused of joining an illegal group, publishing wrong news that harms the interest of the national security, photographing without permit, in addition to a new accusation added by the supreme state security prosecution which is " receiving foreign fund".