The hearings' agenda of the first week of March
March 4th, 2017


"journalists against torture" publishes the most outstanding investigation hearings or the trials of the journalists, during the first week of March, here they are :

Saturday 4th March

- the Cairo appeal court is going to hold the first hearing in the trial of "Mahmoud Mosalm" ,the editor in chief of "Elwattan" newspaper, and "Ahmed El-Khateeb",a journalist in the newspaper, in the case numbered 18526 Dokii misdemeanor for year 2016, in the headquarter of Giza criminal court, the 17th circuit, for accusing them of insulting and slandering the holy Azhar, its scholars and leaders, publishing wrong information about Al-Azhar  and insulting and slandering the counselor of Al-Azhar.

Sunday 5th March

- the Giza criminal court, held in the south Cairo court in Zienhim, continues the case filed by the inventor of the device healing from virus C against the editor in chief of "Sawt El-omma" newspaper "Abdelhaleem andeel" accusing him of insulting and slandering.

- the 17th circuit of north Giza court is going to dispose in the case of accusing "Abdelhaleem Andeel" ,the editor in chief of "Sawt Eloma" newspaper, of insulting and slandering "Randa Salah" ,the manager of the office of the housing minister.

Monday 6th March

- the disciplinary court ,held in the state council,  is going to consider the case of accusing "Azza Elhenawy" ,the podcaster, the director and the editor of the program, of insulting the president.

Tuesday 7th March

- the first circuit of Ismailia criminal court is going to continue the trial of "Abdullah Shosha" ,a reporter in Amjad channel in Ismailia, numbered 4277 for year 2014 second Ismailia criminal, and recorded by the number 2332 for year 2014 total Ismailia criminal.

- the first circuit of the administrative judiciary, in the state council, is going to dispose the case that demand the interior ministry to reveal all the iron amd human boundaries from around the syndicate and the leading surrounding streets.

Wednesday 8th March

- the north Cairo criminal court in El-abassia is going to continue the trial in the two cases submitted by "Hesham Gunina" ,the former head of the central auditing agency against the former minister of justice "Ahmed El-zend" and "Ahmed Moussa" ,a broadcaster in "Sada Elalad" channel, and the businessman "Mohamed Abu-Eleneen" ,the owner of the channel and the lawyer "Samir Sabry" accusing them of insulting and slandering.