The innocence to "Dandrawy Elhwary" of the accusation of insulting and slandering "Hesham Gnena"
March 9th, 2017


The first circuit of the North Giza criminal court ,held by the judge Abdelshafy Elsaid Othman, decided innocence to the press writer "Dandrawy Elhawary" ,the executive editor in chief of "Elyoum Elsabee", of being accused of publishing wrong information and slandering "Hashem Gnina" ,the ex-chief of the Central Auditing Agency, as published in "Elyoum Elsabee".

The lawyer of the press writer "Dandrawy Elhawary" was "Anwar Elrfaay" who proved the absence of the two pillars of the crime, the mental and material element, and proved the sayings of "Hesham Ginina" about corruption, that caused punishing him with a final judgment, he added that it's not legal to oblige the journalist to reveal his source or any documents as soon as he is sure about the news he published.

The press writer "Dandarawy Elhawary" ,said in a phone call in a channel on TV, that Hesham Gnina was courage to talk about the mass of corruption in Egypt by false numbers, as Gnina said that the corruption in Egypt is estimated with 600 billion pounds, then he retreated and changed his mind.