The parliament president punishing "Al-Ahram Al-Araby" by preventing its editor from entering the parliament
March 16th, 2017


"Hesham Elsafory" ,an editor in the parliament department in "Al-Ahram Al-Araby" magazine,  is still prevented from entering the parliament, after the president of the parliament ordered to exclude him from the list of editors of the parliament since the first of March because of an article published in the magazine about the linguistic mistakes of the parliament president while his speech in the anniversary number 150 of establishing the parliament.

The report that was published in October discontented the president of the parliament, this made him attack the institution of "Al-Ahram" in February, the crisis escalated to the extent of ordering to exclude him from the list of editors of the parliament and refusing the to re-new his ID that allow him to press the news of the parliament, despite of him not being the writer of this article.

at the start of March, "El-safory" was surprised while heading to press the session that the security responsible of securing the council prevented him from entering, informing him that he had been excluded from the list of the editors allowed to enter and press. The trials of the general secretary of the council and the chief of the parliamentary editors to solve this problem in a friendly way failed.

The president of the parliament refused the attendance of any delegate from "Al-Ahram Al-Araby" magazine toenter and press the hearings, in spite of that the editor in chief of the magazine announced his full professional, mortal and legal responsibility of the report that the president of the council didn't submit upon this any denial or ratification or clarification to the magazine according to the right to ratifying.

 The editor in chief of "Al-Ahram Al-Araby" condemned preventing the editor of the magazine from entering which he described as " a great disastrous mistake to punish the magazine and the press freedom", assuring that it's an incident that offend the whole state and the Egyptian parliament and it respectful members as he said in a statement about the crisis.