The postponement of the sentence on the appeal of the imprisonment of the journalists syndicate leaders to 25th March
February 25th, 2017


Qasr Elniel appeal misdemeanor court ,held in Zienhom court, decided postponement of the of the scentence on the appeal submitted by the journalists' representative "Yehia Qalash", the syndicate agent "Khaled Elbalshy" and the general secretary "Gamal Abdelrheem" on the sentence of 2 years imprisonment for each of them for being accused of sheltering wanted persons, to the hearing scheduled 25th March, as informed by the lawyer of the observatory "Noha Abdelwahab" as she attended the hearing.

"Noha" declared that the accused in that case didn't attend the hearing, but "Khaled Dawood" and "Hanan Fekry" ,members at the council of the syndicate, attended, besides some journalists stayed in front of the court as solidarity to their syndicate as thy were prevented from attending the hearing.

Qasr Elniel misdemeanor court had decided in the hearing ,dated 19th November, 2 years imprisonment for each of the three accused and a 10 thousand pound guarantee for each of them to stop implementing the sentence.

The public prosecution had referred Yehia Qalash, Khaled Elbalshy and Gamal Abdelrheem to an urgent trial considered by Misdemeanor court with releasing for being accused of sheltering wanted citizens and disguising them and publishing wrong news about storming the journalists syndicate in the case numbered 8100 for year 2016.