The summary of the legal support for journalists during the second week in February
February 18th, 2017


"Journalists against torture" observatory continues following up the hearings of the cases related the freedom of media and press through this summary of legal support during the week by the law committee team in the observatory inside courtrooms and police stations that works as a supporting shelter to journalists and the media freedoms seeking for a free independent space for work.
this report includes the summary of the hearings that the law committee of the observatory during 11 February to 16 February, there were 9 judicial hearings to journalists in many different newspapers, here they are

- the hearing of the renewal of remanding in custody for the press writer Ismail Eliskandrany.
- the same for the three journalists (Hamdy Elzieem, Mohamed Hassan, Osama elbeshbeshy)
- the hearing for the three journalists of "Elbawaba news" (Mohamed Elbaz, Mohamed Hamdy, Nedal Mamdouh) for being accused of insulting the judicial authority and impersonation of a journalist.
- the hearing of the accused of murdering the journalist "Mayada Ashraf"
- the hearing of the trial of the ex-editor in chief of "Elgomhoria" newspaper and a journalist in the same newspaper for insulting "Elzend"
- two hearings for the writer Khaled Salah ,the editor in chief of Elyoom Elsabee, for 2 cases filed against him.
- two hearings for the press writer "Abdelhaleem Andeel" the editor in chief of "Sawt Elomma".

Saturday 11th of February

* Dokii misdemeanor court sentenced in absentia of imposing fines on Khaled Salah ,the editor in chief of "Elyoom Elsabee", and on Dandrawy Elhawary ,the executive editor in chief of the same newspaper, with 10 thousand for each of them, for being accused of insulting and slandering Kamal Abo-eeta the ex-minister of work force.

Sunday 12th February

* 21 criminal Cairo circuit, held in police officers institution in Tura, decided the renewal of the remanding in custody for the press writer Ismaiel Eliskandrany for being accused of joining illegal group and publishing wrong news in the case 569 for year 2015 state security, as said the lawyer "Amr Mohamed" while he was attending the hearing.

* criminal Cairo court decided postponement for argument in the trial of Mohamed Elbaz ,the ex-executive editor in chief of "Elbwaba news" newspaper, and Nedal Mamdouh and Mohamed Hamdy ,editors in the same newspaper, in addition to the ex-minister of culture "Gaber Asfour" to the upcoming hearing on 11 April, as said by Nedal.

This came for being accused of insulting a section of the judicial authority (the public prosecution) in addition to accusing the three journalists of impersonation of a journalist, in the case numbered 9836 for year 2016 misdemeanor Qasr Elniel, recorded with the number 7 for year 2016 total press middle Cairo press.

Monday 13th February

* Cairo Criminal Court, held in police academy, decided putting ,the trial of 48 accused in the case of murdering the journalist Mayada Ashraf, on hold till the disposition of the recusal request.  

Tuesday 14th of February

* North Cairo Criminal Court decided punishment to all of Ahmed Abu-barka ,the council of the dissolved party of "Liberty and Justice" and Safwat Omran ,a journalist in Elgomhoria newspaper with 6 months imprisonment and imposing a 20 thousand fine on Gamal Abdelrheem the ex-editor in chief  and the general secretary of the journalists syndicate for accusing "Abubarka" of insulting the judicial authority and insulting and slandering "Elzend". The journalist and the editor in chief were accused of being responsible of publishing the interview with "Abubarka".

*Dokii misdemeanor court decided imposing fines on both of Khaled Saleh ,the editor in chief of Elyoom Elsabee, with a 10 thousand pounds fine, and 15 thousand pound fine on "Mohamed Attyia" ,a journalist in the same newspaper, for being accused of insulting and slandering the general secretary of the sufi liberation party.

* Dokii misdemeanor court decided to affirm the judgment of imposing fines imposed on Abdelhaleem Andeel in the two cases accusing him of insulting and slandering and publishing wrong news.

Wednesday 15th of February

* the total middle Cairo prosecution, held in south Cairo court in Zienhom, postponed the hearing of the renewal of remanding in preventive custody for both of Hamdy Elziem ,a journalist in Elhayah newspaper, and Mohammed Hassan ,a journalist in Elnabaa newspaper, and Osama Elbshbeshy , a journalist in Baladi news agency, to the date 22nd February, this is in the case numbered 15060 for year 2016 misdemeanor Qasr Elniel, as said "Amr Ahmed" the lawyer of the three journalists.
they are accused of joining an illegal panned organization, and publishing wrong news that harms the interest of the national security, photographing without permission in addition to a new accusation added by the supreme state security prosecution in the last hearing, the accusation is "getting foreign fund".

* Dokii misdemeanor court decided rejection on the protest of the press writer Abdelhaleem Andeel ,the editor in chief of "Sawt Elomma" newspaper, on the sentence of imposing 10 thousand pound fine and obliging him pay 1001 pound civic compensation for being guilty of insulting and slandering the businessman Samir Zaki Abdelkawi.