The summary of the legal support to journalists during the first week of March
March 11th, 2017


"Journalists against torture" observatory continues following up the hearings of the cases related the freedom of media and press through this summary of legal support during the week by the law committee team in the observatory inside courtrooms and police stations that works as a supporting shelter to journalists and the media freedoms seeking for a free independent space for work.
this report includes the summary of the hearings that the law committee of the observatory during 4 March  to 9 March, there were 13 judicial hearings to journalists in many different newspapers, here they are

- the trial of the editor in chief of "Elwattan" and a journalist in the same newspaper for being accused of insulting Alazhar.
- considering the case of revoking the gag on the case of the central auditing agency.
- the hearing of "Abdelrahman Yaquot" ,a photographer at karmoz in Alexandria.
- the hearing of the trial of the editor in chief of "Sawt Elomma" and a journalist for being accused of insulting and slandering Randa Saleh , the manager of the office of the housing ministry.
 - the investigation with the Ibrahim Eissa in the case of insulting the parliament considered by the Cairo appeal prosecution.
- the trial of Azza Elhenawy for being accused of insulting the president.
- the first hearing in the trial of an official in the General Secretariat of the Council of State for being accused of assaulting a photographer in "Elyoum Elsabee"
- the trial of Abdullah Shosha ,a reporter in "Amjad" in Ismailia.
- the investigation with the vice editor in chief of "Elmasaa" newspaper
- the trial of Khaled Salah and Dandarwy Elhawary and a journalist in "Elyoum Elsabee" for being accused of insulting and slandering Hesham Gnina.
- considering the case of accusing Ahmed Moussa and others of insulting "Hesham Gnina".

Saturday 4th March

* The 17th criminal Giza circuit ,held in south Cairo court by Gamal Abdullah, postponed the trial of "Mahmoud Mosalm" ,the editor in chief of "Elwataan" newspaper, and "Ahmed Elkhateeb" ,the chief of the political department at the same newspaper, in the case numbered 18526 Dokii misdemeanor for year 2016, for being accused of insulting the holy Azhar, to the date 5th April.
the postponement was for acknowledgment of the civil suit and for adding another accused person who was the chairman and the new owner of the newspaper.
the details of the case was because of a series of 13 articles, each by weak, on "Elwatan" newspaper, titled with "al-Azhar's corruption", indicating in these articles some political and administrative excesses by the side of some leaders, then he was surprised by 5 judicial cases filled by Al-Azhar against him, two cases of them by the grand Imam of Al-Azhar, another two cases by the legal affairs council of Al-Azhar, the last one filed by the counselor of Shiekh Al-Azhar.

* the first circuit of the State Commissioners Authority ,in the administrative judiciary in the state council, decided postponement of the judicial case ,numbered 24296 for the judicial year 70, filed by "Ayoup" the lawyer to revoke the gag on the case of the quote of the chief of the central auditing agency about the corruption in Egypt, to 4th May.
the attorney general "Nabeel Sadek" had ordered gag concerning the report of the central auditing agency about the corruption in Egypt and the report of the committee formatted by the president "Abdelfattah Elsisi" to disprove these Quotes by "Hisham Gnina".
the public prosecution announced in a statement about the gag order in  the case numbered 75 for year 2016 supreme state security, that is known by "the report of the central auditing agency about corruption".

 Sunday 5th March

* The 19th circuit of Alexandria misdemeanor court ,held by the judge "Awad Khalifa", decided the innocence for "Abdelrahman Yaqout" ,a photographer of "Karmouz" website in Alexandria, in the case numbered 3880 for year 2015 administrative Eldkhela, that he had been accused in of particibating in burning and damaging the police station of "Fawzy Moaaz" in Elhanofel district south Alexandria, as said by his lawyer "Khaled Elsaeed".

The lawyer of "Yaqout" said to the observatory that the decision will be implemented within 3 or 4 days, to finish the measurements of the release and till the report of the national security, then he will be released, as he had had also an innocence sentence in the first case.

The security troops had arrested "Yaqout" while pressing incidents of waylay in front of "Fawzy Moaaz" police station in El-hanofel on 21st March 2015, and he was sent to Eldkhela police station and he submitted copies of documents prove his job identity as a reporter in "Karmoz" website and a mandate from the website to prove his mission of pressing the incident to the investigation sector, and the original documents are submitted to the public prosecution. 

* the 17th criminal north Giza, held in the complex of the south Cairo courts in Elsaeeda Zainab district, decided imposing a 10 thousand pounds on Abdelhaleem Andeel ,the editor in chief of "Sawt Elomma" newspaper, and a journalist in the same newspaper for each of them solely for being guilty of insulting and slandering Randa Saleh ,the manager of the office of the housing ministry.
"Randa Saleh" ,the manager the office of the housing ministry, had filed an insulting and slandering case against a journalist and the editor in chief of "Sawtt Elomma" newspaper.

* the Cairo appeal prosecution decided releasing "Ibrahim Eissa" with the warranty of his accommodation  after hearing his sayings about the case filed by the chairman of the house of representatives "Ali Abdelaal" for being accused of insulting the parliament and the members.
"Ibrahim Eissa" went to the office of the attorney general with many of his friends and lawyers that attended to support him through the investigation, including Nasser Ameen , the human rights lawyer, and "Said Abuzied" ,the lawyer of the journalists syndicate.

Monday 6th March

* the disciplinary court held in the state council decided to postpone the case filed by the administrative prosecution against "Azza Elhenawy" ,the broadcaster of "Akhbar Elyoum" program, the director of the program and the preparation programmer to 3rd April for implementing the permit of the court to the defense to submit an official copy of the cases filed against the referred to the public prosecution.
"Azza Elhenawy" is accused of committing administrative irregularities of not performing the job accurately, insulting the president and representing her personal opinion while presenting an episode of her program prodcasted in"Elkahera" on 6th March 2016, in the case numbered 474 for the judicial year 58.

* Cairo appeal court ( terrorism circuit ) ,decided refusing the case of recusing against "Mohamed Sheren Fahmy" who is considering the trial pf 488 accused from the brotherhood assossiation for being accused of murdering "Mayada Ashraf" after the violence "Ein Shams" district had wittnessed on 28th March 2014. the court also decided imposing 6 thousand pounds on whom filed the case.

Tuesday 7th March

The first circuit of the administrative court ,held on Tuesday, in the state council, by the vice president of the state council "Bkhiet Ismail", decided rejection in the case filed by Ayoup the prosecutor of "Hossam El-swiefy" ,a journalist in "Elfajr" newspaper, that demands the interior ministry to decide the removal of the iron and human barriers surrounding the journalists syndicate and the surrounding streets, besides preventing the police officers from checking the journalists and the visitors of the syndicate before allowing them to enter and during entering or leaving the surrounding streets, as announced by "Veto" website.

This case is numbered 67732 for the judicial year numbered 70, and filed against the interior minister and the police chief in Cairo personally.

The case mentioned that the police troops have closed the streets leading to the journalists syndicate more than once and sieged it with security barriers to prevent the journalists who are not joining the syndicate from entering it and since the conflict happened between the interior ministry and the syndicate.

* "Elsaida Zinab" misdemeanor court decided to postpone the first hearing of the trial of an official of the general secretariat of the state council named "Ashraf .G" to 27 March, for being accused of assaulting "Karem Abdelkreem" ,a press photographer in "Elyoom elsabee", and stealing his equipment, surrounding Zienhom morgue while pressing the funeral of Wael Shalaby the former general secretary of the state council, as said by Anwar Elrefaaye the counselor of the newspaper.

* the first circuit of Ismailia criminal court, held by "Belal Abu elsoud" decided postponement of the trial of Abdullah Shosha ,a reporter in "Amjad" channel in Ismailia to 4th April, in the case known by "cluster celles" numbered 4277 for year 2014 second criminal Ismailia, numbered also 2332 for year 2014 total criminal Ismailia.

* North Cairo prosecution decided releasing "Ahmed Omar" the vice editor in chief of "Elmasaa" newspaper after investigating with him for more than 7 hours, and hearing his sayings in the case filed by the ex-minister of education "Elhelaly Elsherbene" that accuse Ahmed Omar of insulting and slandering him because of publishing areport about corruption in the ministry.
the investigation with him took more than 7 hours, the prosecution heard his sayings during these hours, then it decided to release him with the warranty of his job, the prosecution will continue investigating him the next Sunday on 12th March to hear his sayings in the other cases filed against him.
the next investigation hearing will be to hear his sayings in another three cases filed by the ex-minister of education, in addition to another fifth case filed by Mohamed Saad, the chief of the central administration of the secondary education, because of the same report.

Wednesday 8th March

The Giza criminal court decided innocence of "Khaled Salah" ,the editor in chief of "Al-Youm Al-Sabe'a" newspaper, and "Rania Elsaied" ,a journalist in the same newspaper, of the accusation of insulting and slandering "Hesham Gnina", the former chief of the central auditing agency, as published in "eldostor."

"Hesham Gnina" had filed a case against "Khaled Salah" and "Rania Elsaied" accusing them of insulting and slandering him because of the quotes published concerning the estimation of the corruption in Egypt with 600 billion pounds during 2015 only, that quote caused a year imprisonment sentence to "Hesham gnina" that was considered as wrong fabricated information.

* The first circuit of the North Giza criminal court ,held by the judge Abdelshafy Elsaid Othman, decided innocence to the press writer "Dandrawy Elhawary" ,the executive editor in chief of "Elyoum Elsabee", of being accused of publishing wrong information and slandering "Hashem Gnina" ,the ex-chief of the Central Auditing Agency, as published in "Elyoum Elsabee".

The lawyer of the press writer "Dandrawy Elhawary" was "Anwar Elrfaay" who proved the absence of the two pillars of the crime, the mental and material element, and proved the sayings of "Hesham Ginina" about corruption, that caused punishing him with a final judgment, he added that it's not legal to oblige the journalist to reveal his source or any documents as soon as he is sure about the news he published.

The press writer "Dandarawy Elhawary" ,said in a phone call in a channel on TV, that Hesham Gnina was courage to talk about the mass of corruption in Egypt by false numbers, as Gnina said that the corruption in Egypt is estimated with 600 billion pounds, then he retreated and changed his mind.

* North Cairo criminal court in "Abasya" decided postponement in the two cases filed by "Hisham Gnina" ,the former chief of the central auditing agency, and "Ahmed Moussa" ,the broadcaster in "Sada Elbalad" channel, and "Ahmed Abueleneen" ,the owner of the channel, to 8th May.

* the 17th Giza criminal circuit ,held on South Cairo court in "Elsaida Zainab" decided postponement of the 9 cases filed by "Mortada Mansour" ,the chief of Elzamalek clup, against all of "Mohamed Al-Amen" ,the owner of CBC channels and the owner of "Elwattan" newspaper, and Mahmoud Mosalm ,the editor in chief, and others accusing them of insulting and slandering to the hearings of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 of May.

* Giza criminal court ,held in South Cairo trial court in Zienhom, the innocence of "Mohamed Ibrahim" the journalist in "Elbawaba news" from insulting and slandering the minister of environment and the immpersonation of a journalist, because of the repot published in 2015 about wasting 2.5 billions in fictionary projects.