The total story about arresting "Mahmoud Hussien" and his current situation
February 20th, 2017


"Mahmoud Hussien" is a journalist, a former editor in chief in the Egyptian governmental channels. He had worked in the office of Aljazeera in Cairo till its closure in 2013, then he headed to work in the newsroom at Doha.

The police forces arrested a news producer in the Qatari channel of Aljazeera "Mahmoud Hussien" on 22nd  December 2016 , while coming to  spend a vacation  in Egypt, accusing him of coming to Egypt to make reports that include fabricated information materials that incites against the Egyptian state and its institutions.
the security troops had detained him for 15 hours in Cairo Airport, then he went to the supreme state security prosecution that decided 15 days of imprisonment for investigation, then he disappeared ,as said by his daughter, for a week and didn't show up till 29th of December while he had been deported to Tura prison where he is still there up till now.

The interior ministry made a statement saying that there is information that the officials of Aljazeera gave tasks to some of the actors helping the channel inside the country to complete their press mission to promote trials and incitement against the state institutions through publishing wrong news and making fabricated reports, articles and documentary films.
the ministry assured in its statement that they had had a permit issued by the prosecution to arrest him and he had seized many video films, filming, lightening and montage equipment, and CDs that he used in his illegal works, the statement added that he had been presented to the public prosecution with the seizures to take the legal measurements concerning him.

From the other side, Aljazeera channel said that the Egyptian security troops had detained Hussien in Cairo Airport for more than 15 hours before releasing him in the headquarter of the state security investigation after some hours and then he had been taken to his home in chains and to an unknown sector, in addition to detaining his sister.
the manger of Aljazeera channel "Yasser Abuhlala" assured that Hussien had been in a visit to his country and that he had no tasks for work, and concerning that "the soldiers" documentary film that had been broadcasted by the channel lately being the reason for the arresting, the manager of the channel thought that was unlikely indicating that the BBC produced a film about the Egyptian army also.

The supreme state security prosecution decided imprisonment to Mahmoud Hussien for 15 days for investigation accused of "publishing wrong news, information and rumors about the interior situation in Egypt and the synthesis of wrong reports".

His current situation.. Intransigence during Solitary confinement

The hearing of the renewal of remanding in preventive custody for Mahmoud is going to be on 18th march while considered by a criminal circuit, as he had been renewed for remanding in preventive custody for 45 days for investigations in the last hearing dated 5th February.

His daughter said to "journalists against torture observatory" that the visit of her father takes a few minutes at the presence of a police officer.
she said that he is in the disciplinary solitary confinement since being deported to Tura. He lost much weight and he was obliged to shave all of his hair. she also added that he had been prevented to walk inside the prison and then he was allowed only one hour.
she indicated that her father had health problems in his heart that requires taking some medicines and the administration of the prison had refrained at first  and at last they accepted after many demands and calls and negotiations. She also said that Aljazeera supported her father in his case and they appointed a lawyer to defend him.

Aljazeera said that the Egyptian authorities is responsible of the safety of Hussien and demanded releasing him Quickly, as called also by the international freedom organizations, assuring that "press isn't a crime".