The vice editor in chief of "Elmasaa" clarifying the details of being accused of insulting and slandering "Elhelaly Elshrbene"
March 9th, 2017


North Cairo prosecution decided releasing "Ahmed Omar" the vice editor in chief of "Elmasaa" newspaper after investigating with him for more than 7 hours, and hearing his sayings in the case filed by the ex-minister of education "Elhelaly Elsherbene" that accuse Ahmed Omar of insulting and slandering him because of publishing areport about corruption in the ministry.

As speaking to Ahmed Omar, he clarified that the details of the case was because of a report published on 4th July 2016, that about the negatives and irregularities inside the ministry of education while "Elhelale Elshrbene" was in the position of the minister of education.

Omar clarified that the minister accused him of insulting and slandering and that the investigation with him took more than 7 hours, the prosecution heard his sayings during these hours, then it decided to release him with the warranty of his job, he said also that the prosecution will continue investigating him the next Sunday on 12th March to hear his sayings in the other cases filed against him.

Omar indicated that the next investigation hearing will be to hear his sayings in another three cases filed by the ex-minister of education, in addition to another fifth case filed by Mohamed Saad, the chief of the central administration of the secondary education, because of the same report.