the weekly bulletin| anger between the reporters of Bani Sweif.. preventing the press coverage of "a week and two days"
March 12th, 2017


Journalists against torture observatory has monitored 3 violations against journalists and the media while they were doing their job, during the last week, they were all preventing from press coverage violations, the most outstanding one was the press coverage of the movie "a week and two days" in the AUC.

The observatory team issued many reports during this week, the most outstanding were the monthly report of violations against media and press freedom during February and the commemoration of the martyr day by presenting the latest updates on the cases of the press martyrs.

Preventing from press coverage

*Tuesday evening, the security of the AUC in Cairo prevented the journalists and the media from attending the show of the short movie "a week and two days" whose main actress is "Yasmine Raees", it's the first show in Egypt after participating in the official competition in Dubai international film festival.

* The security troops that is responsible of securing cairo criminal court ,held Tuesday on the police officers institution in tura,  prevented journalists and the media from attending the hearing of the re-trial of 156 accused in the case known by "kerdasa's massacre "

* Anger arose between journalists in Bany Swief governorate because the governor didn't invite them to the visit of the pope " Twadharos "in the governorate building although it has been the most important ecclesiastical event of the governorate for 17 years.

Reports and publications

"Journalists against torture" observatory published the monthly report about the violations committed against media freedom during February as published a report named " the press martyrs .. lost punishment in the court mazes" about journalists died while doing their jobs  in the occasion of the martyr day