The weekly bulletin| arresting photographers in Elwaraq.. assaulting others while filming
February 26th, 2017


"journalist against torture" observatory monitored 4 violations against journalists and the media while doing their job during the last week, included assaults to journalists while press coverage, the most outstanding was assaulting Solafa magdy and arresting her and her colleague in Elwaraq district, besides assaulting journalists while the press coverage of the private show of a movie.

The observatory's team communicated with some of the families of the jailed journalists because of their working in press, to keep an eye to their health status inside jails, among them "Mahmoud Hussien" ,a journalist in Aljazeera, who has been solitarily jailed inside Tura prison since he had been arrested.

Assaulting journalists

* Monday evening, the guards of the producer Ibrahim Isaac assaulted the journalists and the photographers who were appointed for press coverage of the private show of his new movie in Green plaza cinemas in Elshiekh Zayed city. as a result, many journalists, editors and photographers of many newspapers and websites left and withdrew their coverage.

* On Tuesday 21st February,  Solafa magdy ,a press reporter to many news agencies in Egypt, was assaulted while filming a report in a street in Elwaraq district in Giza city, the situation developed to the extent of damaging some of her media equipment, then she and her colleague "Hossam Elsayad" were sent to the police station claiming that they were filming without permit.

* Tuesday, there was a jangle between a police officer in Elazbakya police station and some journalists who were appointed for press coverage of the demonstration of the workers in the health directorate of Cairo, the crises developed to the extent that the journalists were detained inside the building and were prevented from press coverage and some of them were threatened, in spite of showing their IDs and a proof of their work.

In the same incident, a police officer in Elazbakya police station accused two reporters in "Masr Alarbyia" of incitement and that they were working in favor of a channel antagonizing the state, this was while their existence inside the building of the health directorate for the press coverage of the demonstration of the workers. As a result they left and didn't continue their job.

The jailed journalists' status

* last week, Sabry Anwar ,a journalist in Elbadil" website in Damietta, had medical analyses and checks inside one of the clinics in general Gamasa prison after being permitted from the administration of the prison, as he had stomachache and kidney ache, as said by his wife.

* The daughter of Mahmoud Hussien ,a journalist in Aljazeera channel, said that the visit of her father inside Tura prison took just a few minutes, she also indicated that he had been in disciplinary solitary confinement. She added that he lost much weight and he had his hair shaved and he hadn't been allowed to walk inside the prison at all at first, but then he was allowed to walk an hour.

*Wednesday 22nd February, Osama Elbeshbeshy ,a journalist in Baladi news agency and jailed in Tura prison, wrote a handwritten letter titled "Egypt" inside his jail, included sentences about that press is not a crime. "journalista against torture" observatory published a copy of this letter.