The weekly bulletin| Arresting two photographers at "El-badil" newspaper.. preventing the article written by "Gamal el-Gmal" from publication.
January 22nd, 2017

Journalists Against Torture


"journalists against torture observatory" has monitored 9 violations against journalists and media representative during the third week of January 2017
arresting journalists

* Saturday noon, the security troops in Suez arrested "Reem El-hwary", "Ahmed magdy", "Mohamed el-Saed" and "Saied Abdullah"while filming a documentary about the cities of resistance in suez, they were detained for 12 hours in the police station then they faced the prosecution in accusation of filming without permission then they were released.

assaulting journalists

*"Ahmed Megahed" ,the manager of the office of the high education minister "Ashraf El-shehy", has assaulted" Tawfik Shabaan", a journalist in "Elwatan" newspaper, by beating him while the coverage of the press conference the minister held to launch an initiative concerning the Egyptian children. That irked the other journalists in the conference and they threatened to leave the conference.

* thousands of pharmacists in the urgent meeting of the general assembly of the syndicate that was held on Saturday 14th  January deported the reporter of "Sada El-balad" Chunnel calling "out ..out" because they are object to Ahmed Mousa's opinion about the new pricing system to medicines issued by the minister of health.

*some citizens assaulted "Bassma Elnagar", the reporter of the TV show named "the problems of people" in "Sawt masr" TV Chunnel, by beating her while she was reporting about a fighting victim in village "56" in "Belkas" center at El-dakahlya.

Preventing from publication

*Wednesday 18th January the website of "El masry elyom" newspaper deleted an article to the writer "Gamal Elgamal" after publishing it half a day.

Preventing press coverage

* the security troops protecting the state council of Egypt prevented the journalists from entering the council when the supreme administrative court was considering the contestation about the convention of the demarcation of borders between Egypt and Saudi Arabia

*the north Cairo criminal court headed by the counselor "Shabeeb El-damarany" prevented the journalists and media representatives and reporters from attending the trial of 21 accused among of them the advisor of the former minister of finance" Abdallah Shehata".

*the officials of Cairo international airport decided to prevent the journalists working in the airport whose certified from the ministry of civil aviation and the security agencies of the airport and own entry permits from knowing and dealing with the information related to VIP break called "gate 27" which receive most the diplomats, delegates and ministers.

The conditions of jailed journalists

* the wife of "Hamdy Elzaeem" ,the journalists of "El hayah" newspaper, said that his health status got better slightly that he managed to talk and move again after he suffered a stroke caused him losing speaking and moving so he went to the prison hospital, this happened when he knew that the supreme state security prosecution will investigate his case
she said also that she was surprised that they sent him back to the cell after one day from his illness. She added that he sleep on the floor without the appropriate blankets.