The weekly bulletin| assaulting the reporter of "Al-Nahar".. the security preventing the journalists from entering the court in Zagazig
March 27th, 2017


The "journalists against torture" observatory has recorded 3 violations against journalists and the press in many governorates while doing their job during the last week, the most outstanding is assaulting the reporter of "Al-Nahar" channel while pressing the events of the general assembly in "Al-Tersana" Club.

The observatory has recorded as well two preventing from press coverage violations, one of them was in the African cinema festival in Luxor, the other was when the security troops prevented the journalists from entering the court of Zagazig which caused jangles between the both sides.

Assaulting journalists

"Mohamed Ghonem" ,a journalist in "Elyoum Elsabee" website and newspaper and a reporter in "Al-Nahar" channel, accused the security of "Tersana" club of beating and insulting him and stealing his mobile phone and some personal possessions while pressing the general assembly events in submitted report numbered 233 in Agouza police station.

 Preventing from press coverage

* the security troops responsible of guarding the Zagazig court in Sharquia prevented the journalists from entering the court for three days without clarifying reasons in spite of that there isn't any decision from the chief justice that prevents media and press from entering the building or the hearing, this caused jangles between some journalists and the police officers inside the court.

* the chief of the African cinema festival in Luxor "Saied Foad" prevented the journalists of Luxor from pressing the event of honoring the ideal mother, held on Tuesday in the hall of the culture palace of  "Al-Awamya", in which tens of Luxor residents and some officials were attending, this cased jangles that caused journalists leave without pressing.