The weekly bulletin| kidnapping a reporter in Fayoum.. stop printing a newspaper
March 6th, 2017


"journalist against torture" observatory monitored 4 violations against journalists and the media while doing their job during the last week, included preventing from press coverage violations and assaulting some journalists wither physical or verbal, the most outstanding was the assault by the bodyguards of a café towards ONA's reporter, besides the assault by an imam  towards "Mona Eleraky" while video recording with him.

The last week witnessed also preventing the editors in the parliament department from pressing one of the sub sessions, besides the assault of the parliament member "Mortada Mansour" against journalism and journalists, as well as stop printing the weekly edition of the newspaper "Elmasryia" because of the cover containing a poem about the death of the father of the footballer "Mohmaed Abu-treka"

Assaulting journalists

* An elderly imam called "Heashmat" assaulted "Mona Eleraky" and the team work of the program with beating and insulting, while she was facing him about that he didn't do anything to save an injured child till death because he was threatened not to go close to him.
the video ,published on Friday in her program named "attention"  transmitted in "Elmehwar" channel,  shows the elderly imam insulting the broadcaster and the team work and trying to beat them while the people trying to catch him to make him calmer.

* khaled Shabana ,the chief of the two channels of "Nile life" and "Nile comedy" assaulted "walaa Sharawy" ,a preparation programmer of "Hekayat Maspiro" program transmitted in "Nile Life" that is one of the specialized channels, verbally.
Walaa submitted a minute named 448 for year 20177 administrative Bolaq in Maspiro investigations, against him accusing him of insulting and slandering while her colleagues witnessed.

* "Saeed Borek" ,a reporter in ONA news agency in Fayoum, was kidnapped and beaten last Wednesday by many bodyguards working for an owner of one of the cafés and restaurants that are not licensed in the city, after one day of publishing a report made by him monitored through it names of some not licensed cafés in Fayoum.

* the parliament member "Mortada Mansour" assaulted severely the press writer "Ibrahim Eissa" because of what he described "insulting the parliament" in "Elmaqa" newspaper, assuring that this was not press but it was misbehavior, then he threatened the journalists of beating them if they wouldn't respect the parliament, this was through the general session of the parliament held on Tuesday.

Preventing from press coverage

* the security troops securing the Qasr El-Neil appeal misdemeanor court , held in Zienhom court, prevented the press photographers from attending the hearing of disposition ,held on last Saturday, of the appeal submitted by the journalists representative "Yehia Qalash" and "Khaled Elbalshy" ,the syndicate agent, and "Gamal Abdelrehem" ,the general secretary, on the sentence of 2 years imprisonment in the case of sheltering wanted persons.

* the minister of public business sector "Ashraf El-sharkawy" refused the attendance of the editor of the parliament department in the meeting of the industry committee held on last Sunday in the parliament, claiming that publishing about the eastern company for smoking may reflect the price of the shares in the stock, that may cause losses.

* "Mohamed Abdelmoneem" ,a member in the information office in Al-Azhar, expelled the journalists and the media representatives participating in the conference of Al-azhar and the council of elderly Muslims titled " freedom and citizenship, diversity and integration" out of the hall of the meetings and also prevented them from any press conversations with the guests.

Preventing from publication

* "Akhbar El-youm" institution refused printing the weekly edition of "Elmasryia" weekly newspaper that publishes every Wednesday, because of the cover that contained a poem by "Ahmed Saeed" in solidarity of the footballer "Abu-trieka" ,an ex-player in Al-Ahly clup, in occasion of the death of his father, the poem is about an imaginary conversation between him and his mother who asked him not to get back to Egypt fearing of the regime's accusation of terrorism towards him.

The conditions of the jailed journalists

"Abdelrahman Shaheen" ,a reporter of "Elhorrya and Eladallh" newspaper in Suez, was returned to Gamsa prison again after he had been detained in General Zagazig prison since the start of January for one month.
through this period of time he suffered from Intransigence, his wife submitted a complaint that he was sent upon it to Gamsa prison, as said by his wife.

Reports and publications

"Journalists against torture" observatory published his monthly report about the incidents that the press institutions witnessed , wither the national or the private, and the governmental and private channels, in addition to the journalists syndicate during last February.