The weekly bulletin of the fourth week at January| Arresting the photographers of "Elfagr" .."Hamdy El-Zaiem" is suffering from diabetes
January 29th, 2017


"the journalists against torture" observatory has monitored 6 violations during the fourth week of January against some journalists and the media in many governorates, the most outstanding violation was arresting the photographers of "el-Fagr" newspaper while  the press coverage of the protest done by the families of the kidnaped in Libya. In additional to assaulting the photographer of "El-Bedaia" news website.

That week witnessed 4 preventing from press coverage violations related to some incidents and judicial hearings, the most outstanding violation  was preventing press coverage of the inauguration of the book fair by the prime minister, the observatory is keeping an eye on the conditions of the jailed journalists. "Hamdy El-Zaiem" got diabetes while "Samhy Mustafa" announced hunger strike objecting to threatening him.

Assaulting journalists

* "Bassma Mustafa", a journalist in "El-Bedaya" website had been harassed and assaulted  from the police while the press coverage of the protest done by the families of the kidnaped in Libya. The protest took place at "Champollion" street after they were banned from reaching the stairs of the syndicate of journalists.

One of the police men obliged "Bassma" to leave the protest as a trial to prevent her from press coverage and photographing.

* on another hand, the police forces arrested both of " Menem Sami" and "Mohamed Mamdouh", photographers of "El-Fagr" newspaper while the same previous protest but they were physically assaulted and they were detained for investigation for an hour before releasing.

Judicial prosecution against journalists

The general "Shawky Salah", a faculty member in police academy, filled a case against "El-bedaya" news website and the editor in chief "Khaled El-Balshy" and an editor in the same website "Mohamed Rabee" demanding a 500 thousand financial compensation because of the harms he had after publishing quotes for him in a report about the exhibits seized by the interior ministry, the first hearing is scheduled on 20 February.

Preventing press coverage

* The old Cairo misdemeanor court prevented the journalists and the media from attending the hearing of the trial of 17 tourism police officers, among them 10 are jailed and 7 fugitives accusing all of them of mobbing in front of the administration building protesting against the new work system and disabling workflow.

* The security guards protecting the cabinet prevented the journalists and the media from entering the hall of " the box of cultural development" to attend the inauguration ceremony of Cairo international book fair in the fairgrounds in attendance of the minister of culture "Helmy El-Nmnm" and the Moroccan minister of culture and the Moroccan ambassador in Cairo.

 * the general "Hossam Khalifa", the police chief of Gharbia" prevented members of the journalist syndicate, consisting of reporters, managers of national and private newspapers' offices and reporters of channels and electronic newspapers, on 26 January from entering the police club in "El-Mahal El-Kobra" city, to contribute in the celebration, organized by El-Gharbia police station in coordination with the office of the province, to honor the families of the martyrs of the police and their children.

The conditions of  the jailed

* "Samhy Mustafa", a journalist in "Rassd" news network, has announced his hunger strike since 22 January demanding meeting the assistant of the interior minister for human rights and his assistant for national security, after Samhy's mother had been threatened by the warden of "Liman Tura" while she had been visiting him in the hospital that he would assault her son.

* the wife of "Hamdy El-Zaeem", a journalist in "El-Hayah" newspaper", said that his health status deteriorated again after recovering from a stroke , as she discovered that he had diabetes in the jail, in spite of he wasn't diabetic before. This was after medical analysis made in accordance to the orders of the doctor in the prison.