The weekly bulletin| preventing journalists from the press conference of "Al-zamalik".. altercations inside the syndicates during sorting the votes
March 20th, 2017


"journalists against torture" monitored  violations against journalists and the media while doing their job during the last week, most of them were preventing from press coverage, the most outstanding one was preventing thee press coverage from the press conference of "Zamalek" club after the match with Enugu Rangers, as well as altercations between journalists and one of the judges while sorting the electoral votes of the syndicate.

The work team of the observatory published many reports, included a research paper about the secrecy of the hearings, in addition to the list of the jailed journalists, besides the standards that we commit while citing and monitoring the violations against journalists while doing their job.

Preventing from press coverage

* The officials of the administrative security in Qasr Eleiny faculty of medicine ,that is affiliated to Cairo university, prevented journalists and the media from entering the main ceremony hall in the university dome to press the commencement of the class 108 that is named "Hossam Eldien Mwafy" ,held on Saturday 11th  March, while VIPs were attending.

 * "Falcon" company ,which is responsible of organizing the match of Zamalek with Enugu Rangers that is held on Sunday evening 12th March, prevented the journalists and the media from entering "Al-salam" stadium, they also prevented them from attending the press conversation after ending the match.

* "Ahmed Elsharawy" ,the governor of Daqhlia, prevented the journalists and the reporters from attending the meeting of the American ambassador "Robert S. Beecroft", and the general consul in Alexandria " Stephen Veken" while  their visit to the building of the governorate on Monday.

* "Hesham Elsafory" ,the editor in the parliament department in "Al-Ahram Al-araby" magazine, is still prevented from entering and pressing the hearings of the parliament according to the president of the people assembly"Ali Abdel-Aal" that orded excluding him from the list of the editors permitted to press the parliament since March because of the report published by the magazine about the verbal mistakes the parliament president made in his speech in the occasion of the 150 anniversary of establishing the parliament. 

* there were altercations and verbal insults between journalists and one of the judges that supervise the journalists syndicate during sorting the electoral votes because of the disorganization and the crowds.

Publications and reports

"journalists against torture" observatory prepared a list with the names of the jailed journalists and the dockets and the places where they were detained, in Arabic and English, after updating it according to their status till 12th March 2017.

The work team of the observatory published a research paper titled "the secrecy of the hearings .. the information in the grip of the state" that discussed the secrecy of the hearings of the courts and the parliament and the journalists' right to access information. In addition to publishing the standards that the observatory concern while we include the violations of journalists, especially the jailed journalists.