The weekly bulletin| Preventing the editor of "Sada El-Balad" from entering the ministry of education.. the prisoners of "Tura" saved the foot of "El-Zaieem" from infection.
February 5th, 2017


"journalists against torture" observatory hadn't recorded during the last week of january and the start of the first week of february any violations but one. This violation was preventing the educational editor in "Sada El-Balad" from entering the ministery based on the instructions of the minister of high education "El-helaly El-Sherbeney"

As always the observatory is keeping an eye on the conditions of the jailed journalists. Among them is "Hamdy El-zaeem", a journalist in "El-hayah" newspaper, that got diabetes, he was saved by his cellmates from his led being infected, after the administration of the prison refused to send him to the hospital to have surgery.

Preventing from press coverage

The police officers securing the ministry of education prevented "Yasmine Badawy", the responsible of the educational department in "Sada El-balad" website, from entering the headquarter of the ministry on 2 February. The security guards justified this action that it was a decision issued from the office of the minister.

The conditions of the jailed

The administration of  "Tura" prison refused to send "Hamdy El-zaem", a journalist in "El-hayah", to the hospital of the prison to have a surgery in his foot after being infected as he had had injury in it, this injury deteriorated after he had gotten diabetes. His cellmates found their selves obliged to clean the injury by shaving tools and tissues to reduce his pain.

Reports and publication

"journalists against torture" observatory published the monthly report that includes the summary of what the private and national press institutions, the governmental and private channels and the journalists syndicate witnessed through the pas January