Urgent.. the innocence for Abdelrahman Yaqout the photographer of "Karmouz" website in Alexandria
March 5th, 2017


The 19th circuit of Alexandria misdemeanor court ,held today by the judge "Awad Khalifa", decided the innocence for "Abdelrahman Yaqout" ,a photographer of "Karmouz" website in Alexandria, in the case numbered 3880 for year 2015 administrative Eldkhela, that he had been accused in of particibating in burning and damaging the police station of "Fawzy Moaaz" in Elhanofel district south Alexandria, as said by his lawyer "Khaled Elsaeed".

The lawyer of "Yaqout" said to the observatory that the decision will be implemented within 3 or 4 days, to finish the measurements of the release and till the report of the national security, then he will be released, as he had had also an innocence sentence in the first case.

The security troops had arrested "Yaqout" while pressing incidents of waylay in front of "Fawzy Moaaz" police station in El-hanofel on 21st March 2015, and he was sent to Eldkhela police station and he submitted copies of documents prove his job identity as a reporter in "Karmoz" website and a mandate from the website to prove his mission of pressing the incident to the investigation sector, and the original documents are submitted to the public prosecution.